Alan McCollum


Allan McCollum is an American artist born in Los Angeles, California in the year 1994. He currently resides in New York City. He is best known for his contributions in contemporary paintings and drawings. Due to his love for artwork, he educated himself about the basics of artwork, and also due to the influence from different artists and structural artist. He’s best recognized for his contribution in the series of surrogate paintings. His contributions in patterns explained how different patterns can be used to express a feeling or an emotion. This contribution can be attributed to the Shapes Project. This project explains how an artist can produce a totally different pattern created to suit each and every person on the planet without repeating the particular patterns towards another person. Also, due to his love for drawing and his interest in the manner in which different communities and religious groups name different geographical features, he developed the topographical models for Missouri and Kansas. His great work contributions have been exhibited in various museums around America and these great achievements has placed Allan among the great contemporary artists of his generation.





His great achievement in the contemporary artwork is broadly out spanned. This can be due to the reason that, the little objects which are just seen as mere objects can be grouped together to produce a totally different drawing or paintings with different shapes and meanings. His contributions have been seen as a great love towards artwork and the desire for him to preserve the existence of artifacts. However, his artwork has specifically been subjected towards the use of objects to create art. In my own opinion, his artwork could have been more general on the use of patterns not only on religious grounds or topographical models but the general objects of nature itself. This would have allowed a broader understanding towards contemporary artwork.

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