Elizabeth Murray


Elizabeth Murray lived between 6th of September 1940 to 12th august 2007 in America. She was an American artist who practiced as a printmaker, draughtsman and a painter. She went to school of Art of the Institute of Chicago for the undergraduate program and she advanced her studies at Mills College with a master’s degree. According to Murray et al. “Elizabeth is best known for her efforts in photography and to refurbish Monet’s gardens and eventually photographing them.” . It should be noted that, Elizabeth as a regular speaker and workshop leader uses the beauty of her photography, garden metaphors and humor to inspire the imagination of her audience and fanatics. That makes it easier for her audience to connect what has heart and meaning to them. From that they can convey their own creativeness in their personal lives and artistic work. 

41 Bill Alley by Elizabeth Murray, 2006





Her artwork stretch daily items into jazzier dominions and uses deliberation point just soloist in jazz uses a tune.  Most view her achievement as a way to find passionate response to objects. That allows her to let her craving go in non-concrete painting. However, the boundaries of her painting can be considered to be a little bit unconventional. She looks at the external world and integrates the discernment of the physical part with how she examines the internal part. From my own opinion, the work of Elizabeth Murray evolves and develops not staying the same as she changes with the changes as they occur. Her diversity in different fields of art can be said to have played a crucial role in making her successful and in the process her long prosperity in that field.

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